Meter Management

Pre payment metering

Prepayment is a means of direct budgeting, bringing the time between purchase and consumption to as short an interval as possible. This allows the customer to plan usage and the amount of money required.

The intent is to make electricity supply affordable and to do away with the issue of deposit management. The tariff used is a single rate energy based tariff - allowing customers to easily relate usage and money and there is no difference between summer and winter tariff structures.

Prepayment metering is designed for residential and commercial users, utility disconnections are no longer necessary because the consumer has full control over the account, while utility revenue is safeguarded.

Why prepayment?

• No fixed monthly charges and no reconnection fees

• There is a continuous display of the available credit which allows the customer to budget

• No surprise bills and no estimated readings

• All the money paid is for the customer's electricity and not used to subsidize other services like refuse removal.

In the majority of cases MSI operates a prepayment system for customers since this has found to be the preference of the customers.

Only if there is a special request from a developer for conventional meters will MSI supply such meters and collect the revenue using the traditional post-payment billing system.

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